Legal Services

DCS BPO started offering its LPO services to law firms and litigation support firms spread across the globe.

The following services are being offered:
Litigation support services
Electronic-Data Discovery (EDD) services
Document Management services like OCR, ICR and Scanning.
Special services like Indexing, OCR'ing / ICR'ing of patents / trademarks for law firms specializing in Intellectual Property (IP) issues.

Litigation Support Services:

We offer the following litigation support services;
Data acquisition, conversion, & retrieval
Objective and subjective coding
Duplicate identification & removal
Accession numbering
EDD (Text retrieval & searching)
Database management
Optical character recognition/ICR
Secure transfer of large volume of data

Electronic Data Discovery (EDD):

DCS offers to its client the best way to gain rapid and simultaneous access to large volumes of electronic data– using the next generation in electronic discovery software, enabling us to catalog and efficiently manage large volumes of electronic files. The process searches all of your submitted electronic files (hard drives, e-mail servers, Paper, Electronic form etc.) for key words. Identified documents are separated and stored in a searchable database. These files can be seamlessly imported into any litigation support application.

Document Management Services : 

We possess expertise in processing high-volume document capture that virtually handles all document types including scanned paper documents, faxes, emails, word processing documents, spreadsheets, as well as any marked up text, and audio/video clips, making them conveniently accessible to users across the enterprise. Our scanning, OCR/ICR and double keyboarding services range from 99.95% to 99.995% levels of accuracy. We then appropriately tag and index the documents so that they can become part of our DMS or any third party DMS.